Mid Year Review of Genealogy Resolutions

9 July 2010

On 28 December 2009 I wrote my Genealogy Resolutions for 2010. Now that we are into July I thought it was time for a review to see how I am going.

– Maintain my health and fitness program so that I will have the energy and strength to do the next 9 items.
Not too bad but still not as regular as I would like. Tends to be driven by what else is happening and gets neglected in busy times. Could do better.

– Start using my new digital recorder and get Mum’s memories of her grandmother before it is too late.

Started out great but haven’t done any taping for months. Need to put more of a priority on this.

– Scan my old photos, identify them and share with the family.

Have done some scanning and identifying photos but there are still cupboards full to go. Need to set aside dedicated time each week and stick to it!

– Conserve and preserve family heirlooms discovered during my recent stay at Mum’s including both my parents’ 21st birthday keys and cards, Dad’s first love letter to Mum (both aged 12 at the time), her wedding dress, my first pair of shoes, photos and other documents.

I’ve brought everything back from Brisbane and it is now in a big box in the back bedroom. Need to buy what I want and then do it – sounds so simple.

– Work with my other Johnston family members to finally sort out the Johnston Clan from Knockbride, County Cavan.

Had one meeting with a cousin in Brisbane and been in email contact with others but everyone is so busy with daily lives that this keeps dropping in priority. Still there are enough of us now all doing something we should make some progress by year’s end.

– Finalise my draft of the Price family history in time for my mother’s 76th birthday.

Well the deadline was in April and I have definitely missed this one – perhaps I should try for a Christmas present. Definitely need an action plan with key dates along the way – salami tactics!

– Start a website for my family history research.

I have decided to start with a page dedicated to my family names and I am linking my blogs on the different families to the page. Could do a lot more but finding time to write family stories is like everything else. Need to try harder!

– Continue to inspire and assist others with their family history research.

At least I can say I am doing well in this resolution. I have done numerous talks to genealogy and family history groups in the first six months of this year and my participation with Unlock the Past is growing with a staggering number of talks coming up at a range of events. I am still getting good feedback from my talks and I have been able to help others with their research.

– Continue writing my blogs – SHHE Genie Rambles and Brick Wall Solutions on Unlock the Past.

I have written quite a few SHHE blogs but have found it hard to keep to a weekly timetable – some weeks are just so busy especially if I am travelling. Similarly I have done a few Brick Wall blogs including one today updating my demolition of the brick wall surrounding my gg grandmother Helen Carnegie.

– Stay focussed, organised and enthused and open to all new possibilities in my family research travels!

I am still enthused and open to all new family history research options but sometimes there is so much opportunity and so many new things to look at that I lose focus and flit from family to family. If I am honest, and look around my study, I also have to admit that I may not be as organised as I should be and again this is because I am discovering so many new things about different families it is hard to keep up. I need to set aside a regular time for filing and other basic tasks.

So all up I am still working towards my 2010 Genealogy Resolutions but I need to plan my family history time better to make the most of what time I do have. One suggestion I plan to adopt is introducing some monthly goals so that I achieve some scanning, writing, filing etc each month. Wish me luck!

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