My Families

I have been tracing my own families since 1977 and have also traced my son’s paternal line and my partner’s family. I will slowly start to add family stories to this page. Primary surnames and places of origin are:

ATKINSON – Queensland and Lancashire, England

BARWICK – Tasmania and Kent, England

BILLSON – Leicestershire, England

BROOKS – Sussex, England

BULLEN – New South Wales, Victoria and Cornwall, England

BURSTOW – Queensland and Sussex, England

CARNEGIE – Queensland, New South Wales and Angus, Scotland

CARRADUS – Lancashire, England

CROW – Queensland and Devonshire, England

DEAN – Sussex, England

ELDRIDGE – Buckinghamshire, England

EVANS – New South Wales and Monmouthshire, Wales

FEGAN – Wicklow, Ireland

FINN – Queensland, New South Wales and Wicklow, Ireland

GUNDERSON – Queensland and Telemark, Norway

HANSEN – Queensland and Vendsyel, Denmark

HILL – Sussex, England

HORNE – Buckinghamshire

JARVIS – Tasmania and England

JEFFERS – Armagh, Ireland

JOHNSTON – Queensland and Cavan, Ireland

JUDGE – Croughton, Northamptonshire, England

OAKLEY – Tasmania and Surrey, England

PILBEAM – Sussex, England

POLLARD – Croughton, Northamptonshire, England

POTTER – New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia

PRICE Р Queensland, New South Wales and West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England

PYERS – Norfolk Island, Tasmania and England

ROSEWARNE – Cornwall, England

SILK – Staffordshire, England

SPENCER – Tasmania, South Australia and Staffordshire and Leicestershire, England

THOMSEN – Vendsyel, Denmark

TITT – Wiltshire, England

TREVASKIS – South Australia, Queensland and Cornwall, England

WALKER – New South Wales and Middlesex, England

WHITE – Queensland and Wiltshire, England

I welcome contact from any other family members and am happy to share information.