Oct 13, 2009

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This Week In History

It is interesting to reflect on events that may have impacted on our ancestors lives. On 12 Oct 1838 the first Lutherans arrived in South Australia, led by Augustus Kavel having left Prussia because of religious repression. On 13 Oct 1933 the first traffic lights switched on in Sydney and on 14 Oct 1889 Melbourne’s first electric tram service began between Box Hill and Doncaster.On 15 Oct 1810 Australia’s first horse race meeting took place in Hyde Park in Sydney. On 16 Oct 1867 James Nash, a Sydney based prospector discovered gold in the Gympie region of Queensland. I know one of my families were impacted by the last event because they moved from the goldfields of central Victoria to Queensland. How many individuals and families were influenced by these five events which I have randomly picked from one week in history? Source: Diary of Australia, Richard Perno, Kangaroo Press 1987

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